What You Probably Didn’t Know About Paysafecard in Online Casinos

  • Monday, Jul 26, 2021

(Paysafecard casinos) ( coin-onlinecasino.co ) are those casinos that have Paysafecard as their primary method of payment. Paysafecard is an online payment platform that partners with casinos, websites, and retailers. It is a popular choice for online wagering and several online casinos have added it in their list of payment options. Paysafecard was established to anonymously make financial transactions. It makes payments in disguise through a popular service that works in prepaid electronic vouchers. When a buyer selects the amount, they intend to load in their Paysafecard, they receive a 16-digit PIN that unlocks the monetary value in that particular transaction.

Registering for a Paysafe card is simple. You only need a valid email address and a source of funding for the card. Paysafe cards are available in several authorized retail stores. You should buy one and create an online Paysafecard account using your email address. After that, you will be prompted to create your username, PIN, and password, and add a method of recharging your account. The whole process is free. If you feel that you no longer need a Paysafecard PIN on the online account, you can freely close the account. However, closed accounts cannot be recovered.

Security in Paysafecard

The strong security features in Paysafecard make it incredibly safe and secure. Personal and financial information is safe since it is not shared with the casino. With the 16-digit PIN code, no outsider can access your card information and therefore cases of hacking are reduced to none. In case you detect a suspicious behavior with your account, you can keep your money safe by freezing the account. However, such cases are rare because most licensed casinos use additional security measures such as secure certificates and data encryption technologies. Most importantly, security begins with you- the user. Never share your card information with anyone.

Paysafecard transaction fees

Paysafe transactions are normally free. However, some special transactions attract certain charges. For example, a redemption or refund transaction will cost you a 7.5-dollar fee. This amount is deducted from the refunded account balance. Besides that, there is a maintenance fee for the Paysafecard PIN. This fee is normally £2.5 per month after 18 months of purchasing the PIN. Additionally, Paysafecard supports different currencies. Changing from one currency to another calls for some conversion fees. You can calculate this fee using an online currency converter. However, the conversion charges are affected by the economies of the countries involved.

Paysafecard's Customer support

If you need any help using your Paysafecard, there is a dedicated customer service team always on hand to help you. You can contact them via email or a live chat on their website, and have your issue addressed. However, emails are a bit slower and therefore the live chat is preferred. Most Paysafecard users say that the support team replies almost instantly. Additionally, the support is usually country-oriented. Therefore, to get the best and the quickest assistance, select your country from the drop-down menu. What is more, there is a list of frequently asked questions with their respective answers.

The Final Thoughts

With Paysafecard, deposits and withdrawals are instant, and are made to and from the casino. However, bear in mind that casinos have minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts. Check limits in the deposits section and provide an email directly related to your account when withdrawing. New Paysafecard accounts are limited according to the cardholder’s status. Other limitations are set depending on your identity verification status. Generally, Paysafecard has one of the most robust security therefore safe for any online transactions. Additionally, there is no need to share your bank information with the casino where you play your games.